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LASIK - Refractive Surgery

Would you like to be less dependant on glasses and contact lenses?

LASIK is an outpatient procedure that changes the shape of the cornea with a computer driven excimer laser. There are a number of other refractive surgery procedures you could consider as well.

Lifetime Eyecare Center will provide you with a thorough pre-operative examination and explain all your options, including how to choose a surgeon. We also provide all of your post surgical care after the procedure.

Successful refractive surgery requires a knowledgeable, well informed patient with realistic expectations and an experienced, highly skilled surgeon utilizing only the highest quality, well maintained equipment.

Let us discuss your individual case at the time of your next examination, or with a free in-office personal consultation. Please refer to the sites below for further information.
 ▪ TLCvision.com
 ▪ RefractiveSource.com

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