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Contact Lenses

Advanced contact lens technology is making it possible for more people to enjoy wearing contact lenses than ever before.

Our corneal topographer will map the unique shape of your cornea so that a more precise contact lens can be designed for you.

Lifetime Eyecare Center specializes in contact lens fit and comfort. We provide solutions for virtually every contact lens situation, including:
  • dryness and comfort issues - new contact lens materials allow more oxygen to reach your eyes to provide more comfort and longer wearing times

  • enhancing or changing eye color - new contact lenses are available to give you a subtle or striking change in eye color

  • bifocal contact lenses - contact lenses to help you with near vision issues

  • astigmatism correcting contacts - these contact lenses will correct your astigmatism to give you the best vision possible

  • 1-day contact lenses - these contacts require no care (no case, no solution!) and provide you with fresh, clean lenses every day to enhance your comfort

Please contact our office if you would like more information on contact lens options to suit your specific needs.

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