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Children's Vision

Why should my preschooler have a professional eye exam?

  • vision isn't developing properly in one eye
  • the child and their parents don't know it
  • one out of twenty preschoolers has amblyopia
  • usually not detected by vision screenings in time for successful treatment
  • results in a lifetime of poor vision in one eye, not correctable with glasses or surgery
  • results in poor depth perception affecting sports performance and career choices
  • usually curable if detected and treated by age 3 or 4
  • all children should have an evaluation by an eye doctor at least by age 3
  • we offer free eye assessments for 6 month olds and 3 year olds
We have the technology and the expertise to catch vision problems like amblyopia in time for successful treatment. Please take advantage of Lifetime Eyecare Center's free eye assessments to assure your child's vision is developing normally. The future of your child's vision could depend on it.

Be sure your child has a professional eye exam again at age 5, prior to starting school. Why?
  • to check for vision problems that could interfere with learning
  • eye coordination and near point focus problems affect 20% of school age children, and are a frequently overlooked reason for difficulty in school, especially in reading.
  • 60% of children with learning difficulties have an undiagnosed vision problem.
  • its not unusual for children with these types of vision problems to pass school screenings quite easily, often with a score of 20/20.
  • children with these vision problems often greatly benefit from a special correction just for near work, or from vision therapy
Children's vision is an area of special interest to us, and we will thoroughly evaluate all aspects of your child's vision and eye health. Eighty percent of learning takes place through the visual system. Because eyes and vision can change rapidly during the growth years, it's important that your child has professional eye exams annually during the school years, regardless of school screening results.

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