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Welcome to Lifetime Eyecare Center of Sleepy Eye, Minnesota

Your eyes are a window into your health and onto the world.

Looking In
Your eyes tell us about your health. Undiagnosed high blood pressure, glaucoma, and diabetes may show up in your eyes. Your eyes act as a warning system.

We care about your health as much as you do. Our emphasis on thorough testing helps ensure you remain healthy for a lifetime--just like our name.

Looking Out
Your eyes are your window to the world. We can make your vision as sharp as possible with the latest technology in diagnostics and lenses. You can get a prescription anywhere, but at Lifetime Eyecare Center you'll get what's best for you. You'll be amazed at the difference.

You can look really good while seeing really well. Imagine yourself in one of our designer frames. An artful detail can turn heads and bring out your best features.

Looking Out for the Whole You
We want to serve you for a lifetime. Whether you are an infant, child, teenager, college student, active athlete, working person, or enjoying your middle or senior years, your eyes will change with the times and activity. We promise to have advanced eyecare solutions to enhance your life in whatever stage you are in life's journey.

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Video Library
25 cool eyecare videos with
Dr. Hutchins

We're a highly trained team of  professionals. Dr. Hutchins is board certified in both ocular diagnostics & therapeutics.

We employ a whole new generation of diagnostic equipment. Advanced imaging, more detail and more information catch the first signs of trouble-keeping you healthy

We are to eye care what high definition is to television. Once you experience the Lifetime Eyecare difference, you'll never settle for standard again.

Lifetime Eyecare Center
Dr. James M. Hutchins
105 Main Street West
Sleepy Eye, MN 56085
Phone: 507-794-2126